Become a Writer for FWP

Are you interested in becoming a satirical writer for the Free Wood Post?
Please send a writing sample to and we will get back to you shortly. Only “serious” submissions will be taken under consideration.



Writer’s Guidelines 


We are looking to grow our submissions and have fun while doing it. We just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to keep us all on the same page. Thanks!! 


What we are looking for:


  • Outrageous political humor that is indirect and satirical.
  • Spoofing individuals as long as vitriolic language is not present (passive aggressive)
  • Nonsensical humor that is purely made up just for the sake of being fun and doesn’t really serve any purpose. This can include faulty logic, non-sequiturs, and silly conclusions. (fun, sarcastic, and for the most part clean)
  • All original material.


What we are not looking for:


  • Direct insults and mudslinging.
  • Actual news stories. (a story can stem from a true to life scenario, situation, or person and even seem real, but it cannot be an actual story)
  • Copied stories from other satirical websites. (themes may be similar from time to time at the fault of happenstance, however plagiarism is not tolerated)




Remember, our tagline is “News That’s Almost Reliable”… a purely satirical and humorous “news” website. 





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