Ron Paul Supporters Exchange Patriot Hats for Pointed Hoods

"KKK" "Ron Paul"

Supporters of Dr. Paul show their dedication through money bombs, internet polls and wardrobes. The most noticeable wardrobe of a Tea Party member is the Patriot hat and a tea bag or two hanging from these hats. The self-proclaimed “Godfather” of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, has been the symbolic figurehead of the movement. So it’s only natural that his supporters follow every move to show solidarity with his beliefs. After news of Paul’s affiliation with white supremacists, his supporters have decided to show their belief in his “free to support anything he wants” point of view. That’s right, thousands of live at home supporters have marched to their local “Whites Only” department stores to purchase pointed white hoods.

Steven McNeil from St. Louis, Missouri had this to say on his Facebook status. “I’m not a racist, neither is Dr. Paul. His beliefs in a strong unified white nation, and the acts of lynching gays, blacks and illegals are no more racist then it is a freedom of expression. He hates people of color, but that does not affect his power to lead a nation.”

A store owner in a small town in Kentucky said his place of business, “Negro Please”, has seen sales spike. “We have seen sales of our pointed hoods and waxed ropes almost triple over the last week. This town is a strong Ron Paul town, and it showed last month when Dr. Paul held a rally at Cotton Field Gardens, and almost 5,000 supporters showed up.” said the store owner who wanted to stay anonymous. When asked about a rumor of an African-American male and a Hispanic male being tossed out of the rally the store owner only replied with, “Them boys, didn’t fit in. We didn’t like their colored… t-shirts.”

Dr. Ron Paul when asked about this new trend only said this, “I’m not a racist, I have black friends. They’re really black, they listen to hippity hop and celebrate Black History Month.”


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