Michael Vick to Endorse Mitt Romney

Famed Quarterback Michael Vick is ready to put his stamp of approval onto Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Some political analysts are saying that this may be the boost that the candidate needs to pull back ahead of serial cheater Newt Gingrich.

Michael Vick put out this press release late Thursday evening:

“It was really a toss-up of who I was going to give my endorsement to. I know that Newt seems like a bit of a player, and I really admire that, but Mitt has that history of dog abuse and I can’t deny the kinship I feel towards him about that.” 


When Romney was asked about his new endorsement he replied, “I’ll take all the endorsements I can get, it doesn’t seem to really matter how big of a jerk you are in the Republican party. In fact, the bigger the jerk you are, the more the GOP base seems to like you. I mean really, look how everyone seems to be flocking to Newt.”

We’ll have to wait and see if this endorsement will be a factor in the Romney Campaign.

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