Sarah Palin Announces She Will Announce Her Candidacy For President…Eventually

Sarah Palin's first interview with Sean Hannity. Image from

Sarah Palin had her fans going wild today, when she announced on Fox News that she will be announcing her candidacy for the Republican nomination for President, at some point in the near future.

It was during an interview with Sean Hannity, when he asked her how she felt about running for President. Here are the transcripts:

HANNITY: So, Governor Palin, what do you have to say to all your fans who are worried you won’t run against the communist Kenyan who has infiltrated our White House? How does it make you feel knowing that an America- hating socialist is sitting in the White House? Does it ever make you want to run against him, and save America for the REAL Americans?

PALIN: Well Sean, as you know it pains me greatly to see the man who has currently infiltrated our White House, with his teleprompters and lamestream media cohorts. I, like many Americans, find myself wondering how someone who so viciously hates this country ever got into our White House in the first place. And yes, it does make me want to save this great nation of ours, a nation established many, many centuries ago, by men who knew that God was supposed to come first. I think the Founding Fathers would be really disappointed that we’ve abandoned the Bible, and I think it’s time to put God back into our schools. We can’t fix the economy until we apologize to God for trying to force him out of our lives.

HANNITY: Very eloquently put, Governor, and I agree with you 110%. I’d still like to know though, what would you say to your fans who say that you’re the only one who can make this nation great again? What do you say to the people, myself included, who think this fascist socialist tyrant is trying to shred the constitution into little tiny pieces so that he can burn it while he laughs?

PALIN: Well Sean, you know how much I hate Obama and his attempts to shred the constitution. His radical leftist agenda is what is costing so many American families their incomes, and if McCain and myself had been elected I think we would be at less than 1% unemployment right now, and we would have solved the national debt. Also, gas would be under $1 a gallon and the BP oil spill would never have happened. I honestly believe that if we had been elected there’s a good chance that earthquake in DC would never have happened also. It looks to me like God is trying to “shake things up” in Washington DC, and I can see why.

HANNITY: Again, you are magnificently eloquent, and I bow in the presence of someone so amazing. So does your last answer mean that you will run, because you’re the only one who can get unemployment below 1%? Can we get an official statement, for the fans? As your fan club’s official President we’d really like to know.

PALIN: Well, ya know, I do want to throw my hat into this race. I think I’m the only one who is the most qualified to solve our problems. I just don’t like those pesky debates with all the “gotcha questions” from the Lamestream Media. You see Sean, the truth is, I’m just waiting until all these silly debates are over, to give the candidates time to weaken each other, and once the field is weakened and I don’t have to worry about those silly debates I’ll officially announce my candidacy. But only after all the debates are done, we know how the Lamestream Media likes to hang on every single word I say, and how I say it. I don’t want to look stupid before the general election starts.

HANNITY: Thank you Governor Palin for that honest, insightful, and heartwarming answer. Even though you won’t be officially announcing your candidacy until the debates are all over, I’d just like to say right now that you have my full support and confidence, and I will do everything I can to make you succeed. You’re my hero.

PALIN: Well thank you Hannity, I’m glad to have the support of real Americans like you.

That’s right, you heard it here first. Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy as soon as all the “silly debates” are over, so America doesn’t think she looks stupid. With President Palin in office we will have gas below $1, and unemployment below 1%. Now THAT is a campaign I can support.

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