Herman Cain’s Bid For The Presidency Gets Boost From Stoner And Gamer Communities

Apparently the love for pizza has fueled the gamers and the stoners endearment for this unlikely candidate. I asked Bud Philips, a stoner and part-time pizza delivery guy what is it about Herman Cain’s policies and positions that drew him to support the GOP candidate. Bud’s reply was simple, “He’s the pizza dude, man.”  I tried to delve deeper into my search for the core reason behind the phenomena of the Herman Cain surge by telling Bud that I understood that Cain was the CEO of Godfather Pizza, but I was curious if it was his domestic or his foreign policies that attracted him to Cain’s candidacy. Bud thought for a few minutes pensively and finally replied, “Oh, because the pizza guy delivers, dude.”

It isn’t his foreign or domestic policies that have driven a lot of American youth to Herman Cain’s move to become the second African-American president. It is the undying love for pizza that drives them to his campaign. It’s their unmitigated ravenous case of the munchies and their mistaken idea that if Herman Cain becomes president, their dream of unlimited toppings and five dollar extra-large pizzas will become a reality.

One can only wonder where Herman’s Cain’s candidacy will lead to in the coming year. Will he be able to convince the youth of America that he can turn this country into the land of cheese and pepperoni with unlimited toppings for all? Or will his candidacy wind up like an extra anchovy and mushroom pizza at a kiddie birthday party? Destined become shunned, rejected and reviled. I pondered these questions as I watched Bud drive off with his “Herman Cain 2012 : The Pizza Man Always Delivers” bumper sticker fading into the distance.

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