Bachmann Sues Publisher For ‘Forgetting To Photoshop Out The Crazy In Her Eyes’ On The Cover Of The Congresswoman’s New Book

Michele Bachmann is suing the publisher of her book after the cover, which was released earlier this week, was not to her liking.

According to a statement from the Bachmann campaign:

“Congresswoman Bachmann made it quite clear about what she expected on the cover of her book. She was given the final say, and even though she told the publisher repeatedly, the publisher forgot to Photoshop out the crazy in her eyes. They then went ahead, without her permission, and released the cover to the public with the crazy in her eyes clearly visible.

Congresswoman Bachmann believes that her policies should be the focus of her campaign, yet people have chosen to focus on her crazy eyes instead.”

When asked about the incident at a campaign rally today Bachmann answered “it’s very unprofessional to constantly focus on the crazy in my eyes” then her eyes widened and the crazy began to show, and she finished “when what we really should be focusing on is making Barack Obama a ONE…TERM…PRESIDENT!!!” She then glared at the reporter, unleashing the full crazy of her eyes, until the reporter turn around and ran away in fear, whimpering.

When asked for a statement the publisher released a press briefing stating “we are sorry Congresswoman Bachmann is not happy with the cover of her book, but we Photoshopped out as much of the crazy in her eyes as our graphic artists possibly could. We’ll be working with the Congresswoman in the hope of resolving this issue. Our publishing company has several options which include having the Congresswoman where an Uncle Sam mask, a paper bag, or possibly those eye covers that people wear while they sleep. We hope to resolve this issue soon.”

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