Texas Capital May Name Street After George W. Bush: Opponents Refuse To Go Down That Road Again

A heated debate has been going on in Austin, TX for a while now. The debate is over whether or not the city should name a major thoroughfare after former President of the United States and former Governor of Texas, George W. Bush.

Those in favor see it as an appropriate tribute to the former Governor and President to name the street after him, especially considering Austin is the state’s capital. They feel that it will be a good reminder to those who traverse the street that Texas is a place where state leaders become national and world leaders.

Those that oppose the street title say that they refuse to go down that road ever again. They feel that the former Governor and President was a disgrace not only to the state, but also to the nation. They said that if the city wants to name the street after something to be proud of, they should name it after Houston’s new openly gay mayor, Annise Parker. She is a symbol of progress, and a way forward.

It has also been rumored that “George W. Bush Way” will merge into another prospective new street, “Rick Perry Ave.” if the proponents of this new street title get their way. As it turns out, the street drives directly into one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the city, leaving all those that travel down it searching for a way out.

The final decision is to be made at some point next year.

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