Michele Bachmann Seeks To Ban Masturbation and Menstruation

In the latest pro-life effort brought about by staunch conservative and Tea Party Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), there is a new bill she brought onto the floor of Congress seeking to ban both male masturbation, and female menstruation.

Rep. Bachmann feels that these two aspects of the human body represent how human life is created. She believes that every time a man masturbates and excretes his sperm, human lives are being tragically discarded as waste. The same goes for female menstruation, she feels that through every monthly cycle that a woman has and sheds the inner lining of her uterus, including an egg, lives are lost.

The details of this bill have yet to be released, but she is taking this issue on as a matter of life and death. Rep. Bachmann doesn’t see this as big government controlling the lives of both men and women, but rather the human duty of a people respecting everything that goes into creating life. She is also hoping to create future legislation banning condoms, birth control pills, patches, foams, vaginal rings, cervical caps, diaphragms, as well as pulling out.

Rep. Bachmann released a statement regarding this new piece of legislation:

“We must respect every life, even those yet to even be created. If we don’t give them the hope of becoming an embryo, we are letting down future generations of American citizens.”

This new bill is just the latest in attempts by the Congresswoman to ensure reproductivity in the United States of America.

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