Tea Party Feeling Disenfranchised: US History Exam Now Required Before Voting In Many States

A stunning new development has occurred regarding voter suppression. It seems that with the Republican effort to prove that only real Americans should be able to vote, they have added a new requirement at the polls. Before any registered voter can enter the voting booth they need to complete a 25 question exam about United States History. This new requirement is happening in many Republican stronghold states with Republican leadership.

The exam will test the comprehension of basic US History facts including; common known dates, influential figures, civil rights influence, events that have shaped the nation, and Constitutional knowledge. The details of the exam are kept completely confidential until the day of the election to cut down on fraud (aka cheating).

For many people, this seems like the government is trying to step on the toes of many that may not have had the proper education necessary to satisfactorily complete this quiz. One group in particular, the Tea Party, is very upset at these “big government” tactics of voter suppression. One Tea Party leader stated, “If we knew these were going to be the rules placed on us, who are obviously patriotic Americans, to prove that we are actually American, we would have made sure to keep those RINO’s out of office. Many of our members might not be able to complete the quiz with enough correct answers to participate in the election. We are deeply disappointed with this method of proving who is or isn’t American. There are much easier ways.”     

RNC chair Reince Priebus sent out a press release replying to naysayers of the new requirement, “We have heard the complaints of many constituents that too many people seem to be un-American. This new exam will prove to not only the individual states participating in the exams, but also to the nation and to themselves who the real Americans truly are. There is no room for those that live here under the false pretense that anyone who walks on US soil is an American. Only Americans are American and that’s the American way.”

This law is set to go into effect for the upcoming Presidential election scheduled for November 6, 2012.












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