Sarah Palin Announces Candidacy For ‘Most Searched Person on Google’ For 2011

For months members of the media have speculated about whether or not Sarah Palin would announce her candidacy for President. The never-ending media attention that she so regularly sought seemed to be a dead giveaway of her intentions to run.

Well, the media was right. Sarah Palin has been planning on announcing her candidacy all along, but you might be surprised what she would like to be a candidate for.

Today Sarah Palin announced her candidacy for the “Most searched name on Google” for 2011.

When making the announcement Palin stated:

“Well, you know, between the reality show, and touring the country, and getting Bristol on Dancing With The Stars I thought it would be pretty obvious that I’m much more interested in attention than responsibility. Why else would I quit my job as Governor to go on a media tour? Why else would I secure a spot working on Fox News? I need as much attention and Google searches by the end of the year if I want to beat I want to beat out liberal elites like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga”.

Many Palin fans are saying they will support the former Governor in her new endeavor, and she’s already trending up 3000% on Google since she made the announcement.

When asked if she believes this will benefit America in any way she responded, “you betcha!”

She also stated:

“I’m glad the liberal media has spent so much time over the last several years picking apart all my folksy statements, and twisting my words around to say I meant something other than what I actually said. I actually have an IQ of 172, and I made all of those wacky statements to get liberals to Google me and help me win this!”

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