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Australia Reports: Giant and Overwhelmingly Bright Orb Appears In Sky Emitting Heat On Dec. 21

With Australia being among some of the first to see what happens on the apparent “Doomsday” according to the Mayan calendar, citizens report seeing a gigantic orb in the sky which hurts to look directly at and it seems to emit heat.

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GOP Congressman Claims the Sun is “Socialist” — Giving Light and Heat Away To All For Free

Not only are the actions taken to harness solar energy socialist, but we need to look at the actual sun itself. The sun gives light and heat to the entire earth — it gives it away for free.

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Santorum Tells Supporters That All Science Is Make-Believe And The Sun Revolves Around The Earth

At a rally in Independence, Missouri, Rick Santorum revealed to a large crowd a lot more information regarding his beliefs on science.

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