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President Obama Bringing In Child Psychologist To Help Congress Sort Out Their Differences

It is the hope of the president that the psychologist will be able to help Congress sort out their differences in a mature manner and suggest appropriate discipline on the most out of line members of the House and Senate.

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Romney Pledges to Declare War on Satan

Just when people started to think that the 2012 election can’t get any more intriguing, it just did. On August 25, 2012 Mr. Romney made a surprise campaign stop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Herman Cain Admits to Believing in Science, GOP Base Outraged

Herman Cain was asked during an interview on ABC’s The View if he believes that being gay is a choice. He replied that he does, but went on to assert, “You show me the science that says it’s not, and I could be persuaded.”

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