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Local Fundamentalists Celebrate ‘Earth’s 6,283rd Birthday’ For Earth Day

One gentleman quipped, “6,283 years young!”

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Ted Cruz: We Don’t Need NASA Because God Only Created Earth

To keep on par with Republicans wanting to ignore all things science-related, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be named chair of the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, where he will oversee NASA and science programs. He’s delighted with his new role and is prepared to bring the gospel into the way he runs things. In a statement to Free Wood Post, Cruz said: “This is really my chance to change things around here. Enough of this climate science junk. […]

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Santorum Tells Supporters That All Science Is Make-Believe And The Sun Revolves Around The Earth

At a rally in Independence, Missouri, Rick Santorum revealed to a large crowd a lot more information regarding his beliefs on science.

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