Woman Who Married For Fame And Cash Doesn’t Want Others To Play By Her Rules

As it turns out, Donald Trump’s wife Melania is pretty upset that people have opinions about her and her family. And it’s not for the reason you think. She claims it’s for privacy and integrity of her family name that she doesn’t want others to profit off stories surrounding her and her family, but as Free Wood Post has discovered, the real reason is that she doesn’t want other people to play by her rules.

Melania revealed to FWP:

“So many take advantage of way I came to US to make money, and now they want piece of pie. It my pie.”

Maybe Melania should’ve taken into consideration, before marrying a man obsessed with being in the press, that she might end up in the press every now and then, and maybe even in the punchline of a few jokes.

Best best, Melania.



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