Republicans Reveal Greatest Threat Is Counting And Math

It’s become apparent over the past week that Republicans are increasingly afraid of counting ballots that were cast prior to Election Day or on Election Day. Many ballots were still coming in, and some have yet to come in from military service members overseas.

The GOP is afraid because they know the more ballots are counted, the more likely it is that they’ll lose. They’ve tried to make excuses that Democrats are “finding” votes in Florida, but unless finding is another word for counting, no, they’re just counting votes.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, in between posting random Bible verses on Twitter, told Free Wood Post:

“We’d win every time if it weren’t for those darn numbers. If they’d just stop counting ballots after we have the victory everything would be fine.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

“You can’t trust math. You just can’t. Not with tax reform and not with elections. Math kills babies and puppies. Math is no good for anyone or anything.”

It’s clear the Republicans aren’t going to back down without a fight regarding the legitimate counting of ballots. They know the more they whine, the more likely they may get their way like in times gone by. However, Democrats want all votes that were cast by the appropriate time to be counted and added properly, which honestly sounds pretty legitimate.

Featured image by Michael Vadon

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