Known Racist Megyn Kelly Not Sure Why People Are So Surprised She’s Still Racist

It’s been pretty clear for the better part of a decade that Fox News alum Megyn Kelly is pretty damn racist. After all, she’s the person who was absolutely, and angrily certain Santa Claus, a fictional character who can be depicted in the eye of the beholder, is definitely white.

Now, the current NBC host has gotten herself in a bit of hot water again when she stated that back in her day it was okay to dress up in blackface to depict a person of color. It was quickly brought to her attention that no, it’s never been okay to dress in blackface, but many racist white folks did it anyway because it was socially acceptable in their racist social circles.

Kelly told Free Wood Post:

“I mean, NBC knew I was racist coming into this gig and they hired me anyway. I don’t know why they’re so surprised I would say something like this. It wasn’t like I ever hid my racism. I put it out there every day on Fox News, the most racist network around. If I get in trouble over this, NBC only has themselves to blame.”

And considering NBC got rid of a show featuring Tamron Hall and Al Roker to bring in Megyn Kelly, many have pointed out NBC was already pretty damn racist. So, maybe Kelly has a point.

The overpaid morning host still has a job at the moment, and the coming days will be very telling regarding the fate of whether NBC wants to finally right a wrong by getting rid of Kelly whom they never should have brought on in the first place.

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