Trump Tells Crowd Migrant Caravan Includes Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden

If there’s one thing Donald Trump wants you to believe, it’s that anyone coming from South America, Central America or Mexico is scary and dangerous. So, in an effort to really drive home his point, he’s now adding names to his claim that not only thousands of people are coming through Mexico including those supposedly from the Middle East, albeit with no evidence, but he says the caravan also includes Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, and Osama bin Laden.

Trump told a recent crowd:

“Have you seen them? This crowd? It’s awful. Terrible. And Mexico is doing nothing about it. All these criminals coming to our country. Trying to invade our borders. It’s the worst of the worst, people. The absolute worst. These people coming up even include guys like Charles Manson. One man looked exactly like Adolf Hitler. And I’ve heard from several sources, including Fox News, that Osama bin Laden is leading the pack.”

We here at Free Wood Post can tell you with certainty that all three of those men are, in fact, deceased, but that fact seems to elude the president. He seems to be hellbent on fear-mongering hoping that his base won’t catch on. And, to be honest, they probably won’t and will absolutely believe him as they do with everything else.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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