Trump Goes On Tweetstorm Over Rogue Caravan Heading To US Border

In what seems like a meltdown and blatant misunderstanding of what’s happening, Donald Trump has gone on a Twitter tirade regarding what he seems to believe is a Dodge Caravan making its way to the United States border.

Trump tweeted:

“This is unbelievable! We can’t have a Caravan like this in our Country!”

“Doesn’t this Caravan know we’re a Country of crossover SUVs and high-capacity vehicles that don’t look like extended cab cars! Gross!”

“How are we even allowing these Caravans to be manufactured! We need better for the United States!”

“If the Caravan makes it to the Border, I will need to take direct action!”

It’s rumored the president is looking at sending the military to stop the well-loved passenger van because he thinks they’re ugly.

No one within the administration was available for comment, but Jared Kushner was overheard at Politicon saying, “yes, he really is that dumb.”

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