Racists Really Excited To Racist Together (VIDEO)

The scene outside of the Donald Trump rally in Houston, Texas is being described by many as being like “Black Friday” but for racists, so, really, White Friday. Many people in their red hat uniforms are making sure they get into the rally to catch even a glimpse of their Supreme Leader.

Trump is in town to stump for Ted Cruz, which, in all honesty, has many people stumped considering Cruz was on the receiving end of brutal jabs from Trump during the 2016 election primary.

And now, as many feel equality feels like oppression, racist folks across the Houston area are lining up, even bringing tents, to join hands and angrily chant together that the country they love and have only benefited from might benefit others as well, and that can’t happen.

Here’s a live(ish) look at the action:

One of the men in line wearing the infamous, ill-fitting MAGA hat, told Free Wood Post:

“We need to make America America again, so America can Americize in all the Americaninations across this great land.”

We assume he meant “states” but we can’t be certain. When asked if he plans on voting for Ted Cruz in the upcoming Senate battle, this same man stated, “Who’s Ted Cruz?” to which we replied, “exactly.”

More on this story as it unfolds.

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