Jordan Peterson Wonders If Women Are Even People At All, Insinuates They May Just Be Holograms

In what may be Jordan Peterson’s most bizarre assumption of late, he’s now insinuating that women aren’t even people at all, but are actually holograms created by a Marxist governmental sub-system designed to get in the way of full male potential to dominate the world stress-free.

Peterson told Free Wood Post:

“You see, it’s all about making sure the high-neuroticism of the female mind and body is integrated into everything we do and say. It’s all about control. Control of men. Control of the government. Control of the world. It’s really quite something when you think aboot it. I mean think aboot it. We see these women doing things they’ve never done before; govern, teach, be doctors, work in STEM. That’s not women’s work. These supposed female minds can’t be real. Women want to be mothers. It’s ingrained in their subcortex thought frequencies. So, I must come to the conclusion that the women we see, the ones who seem as though they strive to succeed, aren’t, in fact, real. They’re make-believe three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from varying light sources. They must be stopped, chaos must be eliminated, and male dominance restored.”

It’s a well-known fact that Peterson longs for the days of the 1950s and earlier when women “knew their place” and didn’t strive for more out of life than to make sure their men were taken care of. He’s tired of feminists proving he’s wrong on a daily basis and has now resorted to saying women aren’t even real anymore. He only likes “diversity of thought” if they’re the thoughts coming out of his own mind.


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