President Obama Requests Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate

After years of unnecessary public scrutiny surrounding his birth certificate to prove he is, in fact, an American citizen, President Barack Obama is turning the tables on the man who helped lead the charge.

Let’s not call it revenge, but rather karma, or even a bit of just deserts.

President Obama is now calling for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to prove that he’s a natural-born American citizen and has requested that Trump make his birth certificate public for all to see. After all, we really won’t know for sure until he does.

Obama said during his most recent White House press conference:

“Maybe he can release it at the same time he finally shows us his tax returns.”

When asked why he feels the need to ask of Trump what was asked of him, Obama replied:

“It’s only fair, right? If I got asked for having black skin, he should be asked for having orange skin. For goodness sake, he might not even be from this planet.”

The president does make a good point.

Only time will tell to see if Trump follows through with President Obama’s request. Until then, it would at least be nice to see his tax returns.

Image: Flickr

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