Paul Ryan To Endorse Hillary Clinton

It may have come as a shock for everyone to hear Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) admit to CNN’s Jake Tapper that he can’t support Donald Trump. It will come as an even bigger surprise to learn that Ryan will be throwing his support behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The Speaker of the House told Free Wood Post via phone interview:

“I was holding hope that Kasich, or even Cruz, as much as I can’t stand him, would get enough delegates to force a brokered convention. However, it just doesn’t look that way anymore, and now that everyone is out with only Trump left, I’m left with only one option — Hillary Clinton. And while some will say I’m crazy, or flip-flopping or whatever, I need to do what’s best for the nation, and that’s uniting against Trump and for Hillary Clinton who has the best chance at actually beating him. Sometimes you just have to suck up your ego and go forward with your chin up. I couldn’t live with myself if I supported and voted for Trump. He lacks any and all required experience, and he makes even the racists of the GOP look PC in comparison. So, come this November, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.”

We here at Free Wood Post were as shocked as anyone by this sudden development, but in reality, it’s not all that surprising. Good on Ryan for putting the nation before his party.

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