Creepy Bully Hates Being Bullied By Narcissistic D-bag

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz wants you to feel bad for him, but he’s neglecting to remember that he’s just as big of a bully as Donald Trump. But in an effort to combat Trump’s hate, Cruz is successfully curling up in a ball on the floor of his campaign bus and weeping himself to sleep.

One campaign staffer told Free Wood Post over the phone that Cruz “began to whimper and utter ‘why, Donald, why?’ and then cry himself to sleep only to wake up screaming.” He seemingly can dish out the bullying to the LGBT community on a daily basis, and tell millions of people he that wants to strip their health care away, but the moment he’s bullied himself, he can’t take it whatsoever.

If wittle Teddy wants to be president he’s gonna have to develop some thicker skin than what he’s showing.

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