Watch Carly Fiorina Fall Through Trapdoor Back To Depths Of Hell After Announcing Cruz

What left many people wondering if Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is cruel and heartless for ignoring his “running mate” falling from the stage, it can be easily explained with all the facts.

With only a limited amount of daylight exposure allowed for Carly Fiorina she has to limit the amount of time she’s in public and out on the campaign trail. You see, she emerges from her primary residence located in the fiery pits of hell to help Cruz along the way.

What all of us witnessed wasn’t Cruz being inconsiderate, but rather Fiorina dropping through a trapdoor back to the depths of hell. Cruz is very well in the know about all this, so the judgement of his behavior is actually very uncalled for.

And although she dropped pretty fast knowing her time was up for exposure, you can see her reemerge from the door for a moment to hug Heidi Cruz, but seconds later she dropped back down into the fiery pits of hell until need again by the Cruz campaign.

Watch it all unfold here:


Featured image via video screen capture

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