Mary Pat Christie Endorses Hillary Clinton

After Donald Trump decided to say that all Hillary Clinton has going for her is the “woman card,” a very visibly perturbed Mary Pat Christie, wife of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, looked as though she might walk off the stage right then and there. Both she and her husband were standing behind Trump as he gave his victory speech from Tuesday’s Republican primaries, which were held in five states.

Gov. Christie has been very outspoken in his support of Trump, but it was just made known to Free Wood Post that Mary Pat Christie will now be throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton. A member of the Christie staff told FWP in a statement:

“It was a decision that came after a lot of careful consideration regarding professional politics and personal preference. Ms. Christie was very upset after Mr. Trump’s remarks surrounding Hillary Clinton using the “woman card” to get to where she is. She knows that this will throw a kink in the broader message her husband is trying to get across, but she couldn’t stand idly by and let that remark go unchastised. Furthermore, Ms. Christie will be appearing with Hillary Clinton at several upcoming campaign events to push the message out that women must have each other’s backs and support their professional aspirations, all the while combating the rampant sexism that has been in abundance from the Trump campaign. She appreciates her privacy as this news hits the media. Thank you.”

Free Wood Post will keep you updated as the details unfold out of this surprise endorsement.

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