Ted Cruz And John Kasich Team Up To Prove Two Negatives Equal A Positive

With the truth sinking in that Donald Trump is getting closer and closer to securing the nomination, it’s sending many into a panic. Including his fellow Republican candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

They’re getting so desperate, in fact, to prevent Trump from getting the nomination that they’ve turned to a Democratic strategy to help them out — math.

Knowing that they’re both terrible people, Cruz far worse, but don’t let Kasich fool you — he’d prefer women be home making sandwiches for their man-folk — they have teamed up to prove that two negatives can, indeed, make a positive. That positive, of course, being preventing Trump from securing enough delegates for the GOP nomination.

Will this plan work? Who’s really to know. They probably shouldn’t have made it public, but being smart has never been a Republican strong point. That’s why they’re stealing ‘math’ from Democrats in the first place.

The RNC is trying extremely hard to stop Trump, but the Republican base of voters that the GOP has been procuring for so long (mainly misinformed and racist) is now biting them in the ass as they prefer Trump as their candidate.

It will be interesting to see if two negative candidates for the Republican party will, in fact, lead to a positive outcome for them. Yet, at the end of the day, if a Republican is in the White House it’s a net negative for everyone.

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