Lakers Players Excited They May Actually Get A Chance To Touch The Ball Next Season

It’s undeniable that Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant is a tremendous basketball player. He’ll undoubtedly end up in the hall of fame, and he’ll be admired long after his last day holding a basketball on the court.

However, there’s a group of folks who couldn’t be happier that he’s finally departing the Lakers — his teammates. Being a tremendous player, and scoring as many points as Bryant has over the years has come with being one of the NBA’s biggest ball hogs. For years, you could see him dribble down the court avoiding defenders and his fellow teammates to get to the hoop and score. He’d run in circles before he’d ever be seen passing the ball, so when news of his retirement got to his fellow players, let’s just say they were pretty stoked.

One player admitted candidly to Free Wood Post:

“I’ve been waiting years for this. We got a taste while he was injured, but next year we all may get a chance to actually touch the ball. With Kobe gone, this is our moment.”

Now, it goes without saying that he still is an amazing basketball player, and he knows this as well. And while it’s sad to see him departing his beloved team, next year’s Lakers are going to look a lot different.

Image: Wiki Commons

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