Woman Who Only Lacks Past Presidential Experience Seen As Unqualified Presidential Candidate

When looking at resumes, Hillary Clinton really has about everything you could possibly want in regards to experience. She’s a lawyer out of Yale, she’s been a First Lady, a United States Senator, and the Secretary of State. However, there’s one qualification she doesn’t have — past presidential experience. I mean really, how can we elect a person for president who’s never been president? Has this even been done before?

Hillary thinks she can stroll into this presidential election with more foreign policy experience than pretty much anyone, but never have been a Commander-in-Chief? What the actual f*ck? Who does she think she is? She might as well just be a person with no experience in policy telling everyone she’ll make America great again. As if. Or maybe just shout bumper sticker slogans and catch phrases to rile up voters, but then not be able to explain anything she’s talking about. That’s pretty much what never being president before amounts to. Silly woman.

Hillary really should have thought about this before she decided to run. Having pretty much every qualification for being president means NOTHING if you’ve never actually been president before. Amiright?

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