Ted Cruz STUNS Crowd: When I’m President The Bible WILL Be The Constitution

With Texas Senator Ted Cruz now topping national polls in the Republicans presidential race, many are pay a lot closer attention to what he’s been saying to his small to moderate crowds of white people.

At a campaign event in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Cruz started shouting like a megachurch preacher on Sunday the day after gay marriage became law of the land. He was loud, he was verbose, and he meant business. The junior senator even went so far as to say what he would do to our existing Constitution if he were to win the White House.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the pundits say that we’re not a Christian nation. Oh, they’re mistaken, my friends. They are severely misguided. Our nation is a Christian nation and when I’m president I’ll make sure of it, because the Bible will be the Constitution. I know what the First Amendment says, and I DON’T CARE! We’ve strayed from Christian principles so far that now we have black presidents and homosexual marriages happening in every state of our dear union. It’s deplorable. It’s unAmerican. However, we can change all that, and it’s as simple as voting for me. Will you please do that, folks. Will you please vote for me. It’s what George Washington would want. In fact, it’s what Jesus would want.”

Apparently, Cruz is well aware of the fact that the Constitution, as it is written, prohibits any laws based upon any one religion, but he doesn’t seem to care and will go forward with his Sharia-like plan for the nation no matter what.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date if his plans change, but as of now, it looks as though our secular nation is under a direct threat from Cruz.

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