Kanye Asks Wife Kim To Make Another Sex Tape To Raise One Billion For ‘His Dreams’

If you haven’t already heard the news, Kanye West has been all over social media begging the likes of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to fund his dreams to the tune of 1 billion dollars.

The controversial hip-hop artist is apparently 53 million in debt but wants the cool billion to invest “into Kanye West ideas.”

If you didn’t think Kanye could sink any lower, think again. With no luck from Zuckerberg and after having become the laughing stock of the internet, West turned to wife Kim Kardashian for help; asking her to make another sex tape to raise the funds. Kim Kardashian built her career on a sex tape she made with artist Ray J that was leaked to the press in 2007. Prior to that she organized Paris Hilton’s closets.

In the ultimate burn, Kim purportedly said she would be happy to make another sex tape on the condition that instead of being with her husband Kanye, she would instead go back to the formula that worked and make it with Ray J.


Image: YouTube

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