Ben Carson To Wake Up Just In Time For Tonight’s Debate

If there’s one thing about Ben Carson that both Democrats and Republicans can agree upon, it’s that everyone is fairly certain he sleeps 23 hours out of the day. Hopefully, the one or two hours that he’s awake tonight are during the Fox News GOP debate. After all, he’ll likely get more speaking time now that Donald Trump won’t be attending.

The Carson Campaign spoke with Free Wood Post regarding his appearance at the debate:

“Carson is sleeping right now, and will likely be sleeping all the way up until go time for the debate. He may fall asleep on stage as we’ve seen in the past so coffee will also be on standby to make sure he stays awake throughout the broadcast. We can’t guarantee that all his answers will sound lucid, but he will most certainly try his best. He’s excited for tonight’s debate, and is ready to bring change to America.”

It will be interesting to see if Carson does, in fact, stay awake throughout the entire broadcast, but we may see a staff member or two running up on stage to make sure he stays alert.


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