President Obama Makes Sure Kim Davis Surrounded By Same-Sex Couples At SOTU

After Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was invited to the State of the Union by some Republican putz who clearly thinks purposefully disobeying the United States Constitution is worthy of an invite, President Obama has made sure she doesn’t forget her crime of refusing to treat everyone equally under the law.

Surrounding Davis will be four happily married same-sex couples who were married in Kentucky. Obama felt it would be poetic justice for the law-breaker, and if she’s going to be there anyway, might as well make her suffer in the bounty of same-sex love.

Davis hasn’t responded to any requests from Free Wood Post when we’ve inquired as to how she feels about this seating arrangement, but sources close to the bigot say that she’s already nervous and has vomited several times.

“It will certainly be entertaining to see,” said an Obama staffer. “The president wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity to really stick it to her.”


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