Thanks To Obama’s Actions, Mentally Unstable Woman Prevented From Purchasing New Gun

In what may be the first tangible evidence of President Obama’s new Executive Actions on firearms, former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska was just prohibited from purchasing a firearm at a the local GUNS R US gun store just minutes outside of her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

As it turns out, someone reported the failed vice presidential candidate to the FBI directly after Obama made his announcements on Tuesday, and it seems to be from an anonymous doctor whose location hasn’t been clearly identified.

Upon entering the store and making her selection of a brand new hot pink AR-15 with an extended clip for flare, Palin was immediately flagged as someone who should not be allowed to purchase a gun due to a long history of mental instability.

Palin has declined to comment. Although, she may muster up a slurred jumble of words later for a Facebook post that will undoubtedly have a promotion for her new book.

This may just be the beginning of mentally unstable ultra right-wing conservatives being turned away for gun sales. This is exactly what Sen. Mitch McConnell was afraid of in his statement on Tuesday.

McConnell said:

“What the president is trying to do is utter reprehensible. He’s trying to strip our entire voting base of their right to own a firearm. Who does he think he is asking doctors to report those who may not be mentally stable enough to own and operate a firearm to the FBI? He knows full well that our entire voting base is mentally unstable. This is an attack not only on liberty, but on the Republican party as a whole.”

And to our knowledge, it looks as though Palin has been the first affected, but surely many more denials will be forthcoming.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details unfold.

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