Trump Wants All Muslims To Wear THIS Symbol (IMAGE)


Trump has doubled down on his plan to have all Muslims in the United States entered into a database to track them. Now he wants them to be more readily identifiable. His latest suggestion is that all Muslims currently residing in the US and all new ones entering the US; including tourists, be made to wear the symbol of Islam on their clothing.


He’s not alone in his thinking either. Several members of the GOP have stepped up to endorse his idea; including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and fellow presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

When asked if he realized the correlation to Hitler requiring Jews to wear a gold Star of David for identification Trump spouted, “No, I don’t see it. It’s not at all the same. This is about national security.”

Some fellow Republicans don’t feel the idea goes far enough. Top Tennessee lawmaker, GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, wants to activate the National Guard to round up Syrian refugees and keep them from coming into his state. “We would take them to centers, so we know where they are and can keep an eye on them.”

Casada also wants a more permanent solution to Muslim identification and suggests tattooing the symbol onto all followers of Islam.

Featured image: Flickr

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