Obama Proposes Plan To Trade Self-Righteous Conservatives For Refugees


With so many conservatives making an infinite amount of bigoted noise surrounding Syrian refugees, President Obama has offered a solution. It’s a compromise, really, and one that should make everyone happy.

In an effort to keep these self-righteous conservatives who claim to be Christian yet refuse to house homeless people away from the refugees they despise so much, the president has drafted a plan. His plan will bring in 65,000 refugees while sending all conservatives who despise the thought of refugees coming to the U.S. to Syria to experience why so many needed to seek refuge elsewhere.

The war-torn nation overrun with extremism will likely welcome the influx of well-armed conservatives because they will aid in the continuance of violence. Although, putting the Christian extremists alongside the Muslim extremists may prove to be a little tense.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, tens of thousands of homes will be vacated due to the trade, and all of those homes will be filled with the incoming surge of Syrian refugees who are merely looking for a safe place to raise their families

It’s unlikely that this proposal will ever reach Congress, so Obama is already thinking of writing an executive order to expedite the process and begin the trade.

Free Wood Post will keep you updated as this story unfolds.


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