Ben Carson: ‘I’m More Persecuted Than Jesus’


In yet another Ben Carson shocker; the presidential candidate declared that he feels he is more persecuted than Jesus.

The media has in fact been fact checking many of his statements of late because to date many have been false.

He blatantly lied about a scholarship offer to West Point. No scholarship was ever offered and he never applied to West Point.

He lied about taking a psychology class called Perceptions 301 while attending Yale. No such class has existed at Yale during his years. He claimed that during this fictitious class the professor singled him out as the most honest student during a hoax test and had his picture run in the Yale Daily News. The Yale Daily News archives have no record of ever running a story about the so-called class or Ben Carson.

The fact checking site PolitiFact has looked into 19 of Carson’s claims and ruled that none are true with only one statement being ruled mostly true.
Despite the overwhelming evidence that Carson has a very loose relationship with truth the candidate has gone on the defensive stating, “They are after me. I’m more persecuted than Jesus. The liberal media is persecuting me just like the Jews persecuted Jesus. I haven’t lied about anything. I don’t care what your facts say.”

At this point about the only thing we would believe coming from this man’s mouth is an admission that he’d been institutionalized for compulsive lying and delusions of grandeur.

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