Ben Carson: ‘Jesus Was The First Founding Father To Sign The Declaration Of Independence’


Appearing on Fox News recently, Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson was talking about his plans for the nation if he were to become president. When asked about his faith and love for his country, he responded:

“I have a great respect for this nation, but an even bigger adoration for God. After all, it was Jesus who came to the United States riding on a pony and was the very first Founding Father to sign the Declaration of Independence. Shortly there after, he wrote up the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance. We are a nation of, by, and for Christians, of all shapes, ages, and colors. And if the Jews in the Holocaust had only thought to be Christian, they could’ve avoided being killed. That’s how Jesus works. There is no bigger authority than that of Jesus Christ, and as President of the United States, I’ll be sure to reinstill the values Jesus first brought to this nation.”

Carson seems dead-set on turning the United States into a Theocracy based on only Christian principles. However, he doesn’t seem to understand basic history, which is quite alarming. The biggest far-right-wing Christian Republicans are lining up behind Carson, however, certain he is the right man for the job despite any policy experience whatsoever.


Image: YouTube

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