Jeb Bush Explaining ‘The Birds And The Bees’ To His Children: ‘Stuff Happens’


It was just an average fall day in 1989 when Jeb Bush sat down with his kids to explain to them ‘the birds and the bees.’ He was nervous, yet eager, to begin and get it over with. His kids sat on either side of him, wide-eyed and full of anticipation for what their father was about to teach them.

With nerves getting the better of him, Jeb couldn’t stay seated. He paced back and forth a number of times then took a sip of water. Not knowing where to begin, he found himself starting to speak and then stopping over and over again.

Then, finally, he mustered the courage to begin the talk that all parents dread having with their children. He turns to them, shrugs a little, tosses his hand up in the airs, and says:

“Stuff happens.”

Jeb then turns away red-faced and embarrassed, runs out of the room, down the stairs, opens a beer, and chugs it while hoping he got his point across.

Meanwhile, his children stay somewhat stupefied at what they just witnessed. Little did they know “stuff happens” would become the phrase their father uses every time he’s too cowardly to approach a topic that needs special consideration.

When his children finally made their way down the stairs, Jeb turns and looks at them saying, “that’s all I have to say about that.”


Image: Gage Skidmore

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