Potential Life On Mars Already Smarter Than GOP


With NASA’s discovery of flowing water on Mars it leads scientists to believe that the red planet, once thought as a dry wasteland, may, in fact, be able to sustain life. If life already does exist there, likely in the form of microorganisms, they already show more intelligence than the modern-day Republican party.

The fact that they would be able to sustain themselves for as long as they have with not much of anything else proves that they have a much higher IQ than not only those who vote for Republican candidates, but also the candidates themselves.

NASA is even rumored to be sending a rover into the Republican National Convention in 2016 to search for any intelligent life. If such life is found, it will be a ground-breaking discovery. However, scientists remain skeptical that such intelligence exists within the RNC.

The fact that anyone would vote for any of the Republican candidates running for the Oval Office in 2016 gives rise to suspicion that no such discovery shall be made.

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Image: NASA Twitter

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