Trump Healthcare Reform Involves Building a Wall Around Diseases, Making Them Pay for it

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, in an effort to get out in front of critics who say he has no new ideas, today unveiled his plan for healthcare reform for America while at a short press briefing.

“Some say I have no new ideas, but today I’m here to say that I have a terrific idea to reform the United States healthcare system. Obamacare is a loser. It’s been around for a while already and I’ve notice no difference in the care I receive. I mean, the thing is named “Obamacare.” What kind of egotist do you have to be, going around putting your name on things? It’s ridiculous! Some people have said that my plans have very little substance and lack fine details and imagination…and that I just keep repeating the same simplistic phrases and ideas over and over again… Yeah, it’s true, some are actually saying that! Losers! Well, today I’ve unveiled my plan for health reform. We’re going to build a wall around diseases and make them pay for it! For far too long, diseases have been infecting us with their worst stuff under President Obama’s weak leadership, but not under a Trump presidency they won’t.”

“This idea is new, it’s big, it’s huge, it’s terrific, and it will make America great again.”

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