Rumors Of Obama Third Term Emerge During His Recent Trip To Iowa


With the field of candidates growing larger and larger as they all vie for the White House in 2016, there’s one man who thinks he may just give it a go one more time — Barack Obama.

Knowing that he’s held to term limits hasn’t seemed to deter the sitting president from courting voters during his recent trip to Iowa. He understands that’s it’s going to be an uphill battle trying to convince everyone to overturn term limits and allow him to run once again, but he seems up for the task. He was overheard talking with campaign organizers in Des Moines, saying:

“I’m just looking at who’s running and I’m like, I need to run. I can’t let all my hard work slip into the hands of someone who’s going to undo everything I just did. I think I could win too. In fact, I know I could. It’d be a landslide. Look at who the Republicans have running. I wouldn’t even have to do much, just put my name on the ballot and I’d win without contest. Who’s the GOP gonna run? Trump? Ha! Carson? I mean, c’mon now. Walker… that boy can’t even tie his own shoes. I think this is something I need to strongly consider.”

News of Obama’s potential third term run hit the Sanders and Clinton campaigns and was not welcomed very well at all. Clinton slammed her purse on the table and screamed “Not again! Not this time! This is my time, God dammit!” While Sanders made a pouty face and said, “That is not the direction the country needs to keep going in. I’m going to promise to make it impossible for him to run and stop any legislation pertaining to a third term from hitting the Senate floor. I’m working hard to win. Maybe we can sway the president to feel the Bern.”

Trump heard about the potential run and said, “He thinks he’s gonna run again and beat me. I’m the greatest. No one’s as great as me. If he thinks he’s great too then he’s strongly mistaken.”

The remainder of the GOP candidates are too worried with their own campaigns flopping into oblivion to even care to notice the rumors of a potential third term for Obama.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date to see if President Obama does indeed drop his hat in the ring one more time.


Image: Barack Obama (flickr)

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