Sarah Palin Blasts President Obama For Allowing El Nino Into America



Today Sarah Palin blasted President Obama for lax border policies which have allowed El Nino to sweep into America with no resistance. Palin stated that she keeps hearing about El Nino on the news and is “flabbergasted” that the President hasn’t done anything to apprehend him.

“Once again, President Obama has been ignoring the border, and now we’re hearing reports of El Nino all throughout the United States, the greatest country in the world. Last I heard, he had dug a tunnel and is probably spreading marijuana around willy-nilly in Obama’s sanctuary cities. But I haven’t heard any concrete plan for what the administration is going to do about him. If America knows what’s good for us, we’d elect Donald Trump as our President. He’d know how to kick that nasty old El Nino out of here and build a wall to keep him out for good! And he’d even make El Nino pay for it!”

Palin continued by saying, “I think it’s wrong to even use the Spanish pronunciation of his name. That kinda stuff is just bowing to those politically correct people who try to speak other non-American languages. So I’ll say it right here for everyone to hear loud and clear…Keep out of America, The Nino! We were here first!”

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