The Alamo Sold To Foreign Corporation


Remember the Alamo! Well, you can forget it. Republicans have found a new way to line their pockets and fill their campaign coffers; selling off federal lands and historical sites.

Senator Ted Cruz is just the latest in a long line of Republicans hoping to score some money while scoring points with their cronies. He plans to sell off the Alamo to a Canadian oil drilling corporation. The company happens to be one of his biggest campaign contributors. But, don’t worry, it’s all legit.

He and others are following the lead of fellow Republican Senator John McCain who managed to sell off 2400 acres of sacred Apache land in Arizona to foreign interests. The British/Australian copper mining firm plans to strip mine the area, devastating the federally protected Indian lands. The firm just so happens to be McCain’s largest campaign contributor as well.

How is this possible if these lands are protected? Well, McCain was the first to find a chink in the armor. Technically, he is not selling the land but trading it. The copper mine will take possession of the 2400 acres of copper rich Indian sacred land and trade it for some 5000 acres of historically insignificant, useless desert land.

McCain, knowing he could not get this through the Senate on a vote; attached a rider to the must pass National Defense Authorization Act to slip it through.

Now, other Republicans are lining up to do the same.

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