Email Uncovers Trump Has Been Working For Hillary This Whole Time


It’s really no wonder Hillary Clinton has been trying to keep her emails under wraps these days. It’s been discovered, within her secret server and hard drives that she has several elections strategies that she doesn’t want revealed to the public. One of which has to do with Donald Trump.

It’s presumably safe to say that everyone watching Trump over the last couple of months has been scratching their heads. He came out running on the Republican ticket with strict conservative talking points, but then as time has passed has been attacking Republican after Republican, and besides immigration, is relatively moderate on a lot of topics. In fact, on most issues he doesn’t have much of a plan for anything. The only solidified part of the platform he’s been running on is hating everyone who’s not white, and his promise to build a “great” big wall between the United States and Mexico — a “good-looking wall.” Also, his attacks on the Muslim community of late are utterly atrocious, and many are likening his prose to that of Hitler.

Well now, it’s been revealed that over the course of several months early this year, Trump was in heavy correspondence with Clinton’s camp, and they devised a plan to squash Republican candidates, make Trump the frontrunner, all the while leaving Clinton virtually unscathed by criticism because Republican candidates were left needing to defend themselves against Trump.

One email revealed:

“Hey Hil,

It’ll totally work. I’ve got your back. Don’t worry about it. These Republicans are morons and their voters are imbeciles. They’ll fall for anything. I’ll just say I hate Mexicans, want to build a wall, and they’ll fall in line like the tiny pathetic simpleton ants that they are. You worry about you.

– Donnie”

If anyone had any suspicion that Clinton and Trump were in cahoots then this should definitely confirm, without a doubt, that they are. If anything, this shows how smart Hillary is to fight the GOP from the inside out, and how pathetic Republicans are for falling for it all.


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