New Law Proposed To Prevent Creepy Looking White Men From Owning Guns


In an effort to cut down on the number of mass shootings in the United States, Congress is currently discussing a bill that would prevent creepy looking white men from being able to obtain firearms. Several Democrats, and even some Republicans agree that the majority of shooters in mass killings are creepy white men. The bill, currently titled ‘The No Guns For Creepers Act” is currently being held up in committee, because several members are trying to come up with the best way to categorize white men based upon their looks and levels of creepiness.

The NRA strongly opposes this strategy and bill, because they feel it will prevent 93% of their membership from the ability to purchase a firearm, or retain ownership of the ones currently in their possession. They feel it is a complete obstruction of their Second Amendment right. The NRA has issued this statement:

“The new bill that is being drafted in Congress to strip certain white men from owning guns is preposterous. We understand the majority of mass killings that have happened in the United States have happened at the hands and trigger of seemingly mostly white men, but we can’t just pick and choose who owns guns. Everyone has the right to own a firearm. This nation was founded upon freedom, and several of the Founding Fathers were creepy looking white men themselves. We will fight this bill tooth and nail, and the Constitution of the United States shall prevail.”

The bill, which is currently still in committee, isn’t likely to get to far, but when thinking about the proposal, one has to wonder if taking such a drastic measure would cut down on mass killings.

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