Donald Trump: ‘The Only Illegals Who Can Stay Are The Ones Working For Me’


It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t like undocumented workers coming into the United States. It’s not a secret, because he tells everyone every chance he can get. What he doesn’t seem to tell people, is that he employs several undocumented workers for the building of his new hotel site in Washington D.C.

When Free Wood Post caught up with Trump, we asked him very bluntly about all the workers he hires that aren’t in the nation legally. This is what he had to say:

“I’m very proud of my work and the work that I do in this nation. I provide a lot of jobs. A lot. How many have you provided? What I do is what I do, and that is build investment properties and use whoever I see fit to build them. If that means some of my workers are here illegally, well, then so be it. I’d be a moron not to hire the best men for the job.”

When we brought up the fact that this seems a little hypocritical seeing as Trump is very adamant about his hatred towards any Latinos coming into the nation illegally, he said:

“Listen, we need to close the borders, we need to keep all the Mexicans in Mexico. They can’t come here illegally. It’s not okay. It’s never okay. Why are you even asking me this? My employees are the best, because I only hire the best. Let’s put it this way, the only illegals who can stay are the ones working for me. You got that? Only idiots send their best workers away.”

It doesn’t seem as though Trump sees his hypocrisy on the matter, or that his workers who are here illegally just trying to work hard to get ahead may be just be like all the other undocumented workers coming here to get ahead. He also doesn’t seem to see the fact that if people like him didn’t hire undocumented workers, they wouldn’t enter the nation to seek work, because there wouldn’t be any work to come to. Trump, and those like him, are actually the reason for his own hatred of the undocumented workers coming here.

You don’t want “illegal immigrants” here, stop hiring them. You can’t fault people in trying to build a better life for themselves. What Trump should be advocating for is proper immigration reform.

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