ACTUAL Clown Enters Race As Republican Candidate — Polling Well

The Republican party has no shortage of candidates running for the Oval Office in 2016. With Donald Trump leading the pack, it really seems as though anyone has a shot at becoming the nominee for the GOP.

One person who noticed he may have an actual shot at becoming the leader of the free world is Glimmers the Clown.

Glimmers feels, he above anyone else, really embodies the GOP platform and everything it stands for. He believes in the Constitution and his right to be treated fairly and equally among his peers, as well as wanting to maintain his right to openly carry his “BANG!” pretend gun everywhere he goes. He feels it’s a part of him and doesn’t want to give up who he is just because some “bureaucrats” don’t understand him.

He also feels that he, like most Republicans, can pull money out of thin air, or in Glimmer’s case, out from behind the ear of an unsuspecting four-year-old. Although, he doesn’t want to go to war with Iran like several of his fellow candidates, but rather lure them in to secret negotiations with a bouquet of paper flowers and then entertain them enough where they wouldn’t be able to say “no” to anything.

Glimmers campaign slogan is, befittingly, “Let me be your Glimmer of Hope,” which he feels encompasses his ideals and beliefs, and his campaign bus is a clown car, so it really makes him stand out as the most honest Republican in the field.

So far, Glimmers is polling well coming in just behind Trump, but ahead of Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and most every other Republican candidate.

No word yet if Glimmers will be appearing at the first national Republican presidential debate, but since Trump will be there, he knows he at least has a chance.


Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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