Jesus Christ To Boycott Indiana Over New Anti-Gay Law

After the anti-gay “religious freedom” law was signed by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) many celebrities, organizations, businesses and even cities have spoken out against the law and are boycotting Indiana. Many are fed up with the legalized discrimination, but none more so than the biggest celebrity of all — the Son of God. Jesus recently spoke with Free Wood Post regarding the new Indiana law.

“They say they are in favor of religious freedom, but I’m not sure which religion they are trying to implement. They most certainly are not advocating for Christianity. I never taught anyone to turn people away. In fact, I often had meals with outcasts that included thieves and even prostitutes. Not that I consider LGBT folks outcasts. They most certainly are not. These people are just as valuable to the world as anyone else. My dad created them too. My dad doesn’t make mistakes, and honestly I’m a little insulted that they think my dad made an error somewhere along the way. Perhaps the error is in their understanding of my biography, better known as the Bible. Well the New Testament at least. I never once mentioned homosexuality. I taught people not to judge and to love all as they would like to be loved. Do these business owners want to be turned away just for being who they are? I doubt it. I’m deeply upset and concerned over this new law in Indiana, and I have no choice but to boycott the state. They misinterpret my teachings and words, and I can’t be any part of that.”

We here at Free Wood Post would like to thank Jesus Christ for taking the time out his busy schedule to explain why he is boycotting Indiana.

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