Indiana Requiring All Gay Residents To Wear Sensor That Will Trigger Alarm Upon Entering A Store

As an amendment to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, all LGBT citizens will be required to register with the state so that they can be mailed a sensor to wear on their body at all times.

The sensor is so that any business that doesn’t want an LGBT individual entering their establishment will be notified immediately of their arrival and an alarm will sound.

These sensors will be much like a modern day version of the ‘Star of David’ Jewish citizens in Germany were required to wear during the time of Hitler’s reign.

Indiana legislators are very proud of their new bill as it puts into focus the state’s priorities — keeping gay people in check. The state budget, education, and healthcare are things that really don’t concern Indiana Republicans.

When Free Wood Post asked Gov. Mike Pence (R) about the new sensor, he said:

“It’s all about freedom. Freedom for these business owners to know all the money they’re receiving didn’t come from gay hands. That’s the devil’s money, really. And who wants to pay payroll or rent or taxes with the devil’s money?”

Mandatory registrations are set to begin April 1, 2015.

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