GOP Also Send Letter to Netanyahu — ‘RE: Iran — You’ll Get Your War’


Republicans have decided to take up the art of correspondence and have recently picked up a few pen-pals.

First, they send a letter to Iran bypassing the President of the United States declaring how stupid they are in their understanding of foreign policy and how things work. Then, they sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel letting them know that their stupidity regarding their letter with Iran should get Israel and the United States steps closer to World War III.

The letter to Netanyahu reads:

RE: Iran — You’ll Get Your War

Dearest Bibi,

We’ve done as you’ve instructed and gone around the authority of our democratically elected leader. Iran has received our letter, and I’m certain that you’ll have the reaction you’re looking for. The reaction we’re looking for as well — war.

Diplomacy is for pussies, and we know you’re no girl. Girls think with their heads and we need none of that. We need Napoleonic leaders like you to lead the charge and help start the war we’ve been waiting so long to begin. Imagine all the contractor profits, and of course you’ll get a piece. We’d never forget about you.

Thank you for coming the other day, it was so nice seeing you in person and not just in poster version above my bed. Talk to you soon.

Lovingly yours,

United States Republicans

And there you have it. Now I bet Republicans are wishing not all emails are so transparent. Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as this story unfolds.

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